Why Dog Guard

What Makes Our Product Superior

Dog Guard offers the best receiver in the pet containment industry! From tough-to-train dogs to dogs under ten pounds, we offer a versatile line of products.

No Yard To Big

Dog Guard’s transmitter has the largest field range (width of signal) of any system available.

A Lifetime Guarantee!

A “Lightning Protected” transmitter with a limited lifetime guarantee! This enhancement not only saves the customer the cost of replacement due to lightning, it is also designed to keep the entire containment area from becoming an “active” field* (continuous impulses to the pet’s collar).

Dog Guard is Built Tough

Dog Guard is built to operate in all types of situations, including in adverse weather and on lake front property. While many retail products often fail right out of the box, our receivers and transmitters have held up to the tests of time and endurance.

16 Reasons to Choose Dog Guard

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