Mr Dressler, the owner of the dealership was wonderful to work with.  We presented a large property with a few troubled spots, they stayed with it until they had it all worked out.  I was very impressed with the entire job and with its owner. And my Dogs are safe and happy.  I now have 5 dogs enjoying their new 12 acres of play area.


Pat Haynes   ( Homer, GA )


We live in the country, and we treasure the woods and green space surrounding our property.  We did not want to fence it in.  Thankfully, about that time we discovered Dog Guard!  I can’t begin to tell you what a difference Dog Guard has made in our lives - both my husband and mine as well as the puppies!  Max and Minnie have now become our watchdogs!  They patrol the perimeter and make sure there are no critters in their yard!  They love being out doors most of the day and they no longer have “accidents” in the house, and the large area gives them ample space to run and burn up all their energy.  When they come inside they are all tired out and become instant lapdogs!

Thank you so much for making it possible for these two Jack Russells to become the exuberant, playful, fun dogs they are and to make owning them so much easier!!  I would highly recommend Dog Guard to any dog owner who wants their pet to have the freedom of the outdoors without the worry of wandering or bothering the neighbors!


Cindy Mott   ( Hoschton, GA )


Dear Mr Dressler,

Before your out-of-sight dog fence, I was kept on a cable run and didn’t do much more than lay around all day. Now I have " F R E E D O M ."

I did need to be trained by you and my owner to learn the perimeter and play area. Soon I was able to recognize and stay away from the little yellow flags.

I LOVE IT.  I never really could run on my cable.  Now I run at full speed around my owner’s house.  I have so much more energy.  My body is healthier.  I’ve heard my owners comment on how much my attitude has improved!  I’m much happier staying home, guarding the yard and greeting my owners.  Thanks again!


Samson and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goodwin   ( Commerce, GA )

Note: These testimonials are only a few of the many we receive from our grateful pet owners.

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